Video Consultations

As part of our response to Covid-19 we have been using video consultations for some of our patients. These can be requested if you wish when you book an appointment.

What do I need to access Video Consultations?

You will need a smartphone device with a camera and microphone as well as internet connection for this to work.

Do you record the videos and store them?

We do not record the video consultation. A comment is created on your records to state that a video consultation took place but otherwise no other record is kept to help with confidentiality and safe records.

I have sent photos. What happens to these?

If you send any photos and if appropriate, they will be stored on your records on our EMIS Web system. If you do not wish these to be stored when you have sent them, please make your wishes clear to the member of staff dealing with your case.

Which system do you use?

We use Accurx

Do I have to take part in video consultations?

No. This is one option we have considered and approved to help our patients access our service if they so wish.